Book 2 of The Hurricane Chronicles

The prince cannot be saved without his brother…

Rescued by Khan’s extraordinary sacrifice, Reka and her friends are alive and well. Troubled by what tortuous fate might await the magic wielding prince, their search leads them to his reclusive brother Yuriel, who would prefer to be left alone for another few centuries. Yuriel holds some of the answers Reka is so desperately searching for, especially as she explores what it means to be an Empathetic. Reka will have to convince the cantankerous yet creative hermit to share his knowledge with her and join in their quest to recover the warrior who stole all of their hearts. Saving the prince means finding the courage to breach the impenetrable. Enemies lurk around every corner, and Reka is constantly in danger as she discovers that the corruption and deception of Orosea run far deeper than she ever imagined.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Even better than Storyteller!

The sequel to Storyteller roars to life from the first page! Densely packed with interesting characters, impossible situations, and nuggets of truth, Book 2 of the Hurricane Chronicles does not disappoint. A wonderful read that leaves me hoping the third book is out soon!

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