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From your finished draft and for as little as $599 we can get you published in less than two months. Pay only for what you need (See table below).

All that we need from you is:

  1. A finished draft of your book.
  2. An Author Bio.
  3. A profile photo.
Up to 75K Wordsᵗ
Base Engagement Price$299
Reader Report
For a finished draft that still needs some final polishing.
– Entire book read through
– Report of moods and themes
– Actionable suggestions for improvement
Copy Editing/Proofreading
For a finished manuscript.
– Spelling
– Grammar and punctuation
– White-spacing
For a finalized manuscript.
– Chapter markings
– Page breaks
– Headers
– Footers
– Table of Contents
For a formatted manuscript
– Front cover for ebook
– Front, spine, and back cover for printed book
– Book blurb, and
Author Website
Can be setup early or late in the process.
– Built on wordpress
– Free hosting plans available
– Custom Domains available*
– POD for physical copies eliminating overhear
– Author copies available at a reduced cost
– Kindle exclusive distribution for the first 90 days**
– Go wide with distribution to Google Play (among others) after the first 90 days

*Custom domains for $25/annually.

**Kindle exclusive contract is our recommendation but we will help you navigate the royalty and distribution options at the time of publishing.

NOTE: Finalized book product will be provided and will remain your sole property. There is no ongoing contract or responsibilities to JL Publishing. However, while you are publishing with JL Publishing there will be a fee equal to 2% of net profits deducted from monthly payments.

For every additional 10K words add $100 to the total price

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